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The Nebitype Line Caster

The Nebitype Line Caster is the greatest thing to come out of Turin since the legendary Shroud, and has been compared (often unfavourably) with the far more common Ludlow Typograph Line Caster. Both machines were capable of casting type from hand set matrices and were most commonly used for headlining, where a large typeface was required. (Whilst machines like the Linotype and Intertype were capable of casting larger type, they were commonly configured with smaller typefaces so having a Ludlow or Nebitype available would remove the need for reconfiguring these machines.)

The key features of the Nebitype over the Ludlow were

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The Nebitype was a fairly niche piece of equipment and was probably quite late in being developed, so the Ludlow company had the lion's share of the market. It was likely that the main selling point would have been the 42em slug length that could be cast in one operation. (Ludlows could also cast a long slug, but it required two casting operations on a double length casting stick. Not to be outdone, Nebitype produced a double length casting stick which would permit the casting of 84em slugs in two casting operations.)
The powered elevator didn't add a great deal of functionality to the machine, but may have been required to get past patent issues.
Little is known about the Nebitype as most documents appear to be lost after the closure of the Nebiolo company. It's estimated that only around 20 Nebitypes made it into New Zealand.

Nebitype models (at least in the NTC series) tended to be identified by the machine type/year and serial number. So an NTC 61 #422 was a 1961 NTC with a serial number of 422. It's possible that the serial number incremented year on year, rather than starting again each year.

The Nebitype Surfacer for trimming and face finishing/embossing (pdf).
Six Page Nebitype Brochure (pdf).
Trifold Nebitype Brochure (pdf).
Nebitype Mats (pdf).
Nebitype Patent for variable slug length 1966

Contact: I'm interested in any Nebitype information you may have, documents you can share or parts you want to send me! I also have very few Nebitype Mats, which would be a bonus. I can be contacted at, even if it's just to ask me a question about Nebitype operation.
I'd particularly like to get hold of the oiling guide diagram which is missing from every version of the manual that I've seen.