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Nebitype Maintenance

Nebitype Maintenance consists of:


Every Nebitype manual I've read notes the importance of lubricating every lubrication point shown in the diagram. None of the Nebitype manuals I have read contains the diagram.


The importance of cleaning cannot be understated. The Nebitype is a reasonably precise machine and so even small amounts of build-up can put extra load on the machine and/or cause jams or miscasts.

Areas of particular concern

Checking Settings and Consumables

There are settings to check to make sure the machine is operating correctly, and consumables that need to be replaced if they're depleted or damaged.

Common Problems

Outside of microswitches slowly going out of setting, there are a couple of issues which occur routinely.

Bell Crank Roller

The Bell Crank which moves the stick holder assembly into position has a small roller (#2503, Plate 6) at the base which contacts part of the elevator. This roller appears to become damaged with use, as I have seen the same damage on the NTC bell crank and two Ultra-E bell crank levers.
The Roller is fairly simple to fabricate, being 14.5mm in diameter with a 6mm hole in the centre, approximately 4mm wide. The roller is mounted in the bell crank with a interferance fit pin, which can be driven out with a punch when needed to replace the roller.