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Nebitype Documentation

All material herein is provided without warranty in an effort to help Nebitype owners with the ongoing maintenance of their machines.

Note that in the following documents Part Numbers are mostly the same, but occasionally vary. Nebitype had a few models and a several revisions within some models, so in general the part numbers can be relied upon, but...

Nebitype Manual with additional notes & corrections

Nebitype NTC
One of the many very similar original Nebitype manual scans (Jack Page)
And another...
Jack Page's Old-School NTC Blueprint Spare Parts Book
Nebitype NTX Pot Temperature Controller Manual
Nebitype NTC Pot Temperature Controller Drawing
Nebitype NTC Main Spring/Shock Absorber Assembly Drawing
Nebitype NTC Single Phase Electrical Diagram 11-May-1965
Nebitype NTC Three Phase Electrical Diagram 24-May-1961

Nebitype Ultra
Nebitype Ultra Spare Parts Manual (Names and Pictures)

Nebitype Ultra E
Nebitype Ultra E Brochure
Nebitype Ultra E Temperature Control and Amplifier Module Circuits
Nebitype Ultra E Parts List