The Adana HS1

The Adana HS1 (High Speed No. 1) is a tiny press; there's no denying it. The "High Speed" bit has dated over the years, but due to the self-inking nature of the press it was a lot quicker than a press with a forme that needed inking by hand. The High Speed series had three models, the HS1, HS2 and HS3, and the HS1 was the smallest.
It was likely aimed at small businesses or people who wanted to print their own business cards or address labels.(When my HS1 came to me in the mail from the UK and still had an address label setup in the chase)

The HS1 rollers are slightly different from all other Adana rollers in that the runners and shaft are one item and the rubber is cast between the runners. (With every other press the runners are removable, however this is a 'feature' of the HS1 that continues today. Even the replacement rollers from Caslon come this way.)

The HS1 print area is tiny, advertised as 3x2. Like the Adana 5x3, the print area could be slightly larger if type were set in the bed directly, instead of the chase, however it's a tricky business with limited access.

The HS series, like a lot of the Adana small presses, were popular, probably because it gave people a low cost entry into the printing business, with a press that didn't need a vast amount of floor space, and which could be easily put away when not needed.