Adana Model Eight Five

The Adana 8x5 came out in 3 versions - or 4 if you include the new model 120C. It is very popular due to the relatively large print area of 8" x 5", which is quite generous for a table top hand press. The major parts are made out of cast aluminum which makes the press light and reasonably rugged - however there are many examples of broken 8x5s out there so they're not immune to abuse.

The Model 1 is fairly easy to identify because it has aluminium "shrouds" over the roller springs whereas later models incorperate the springs inside the roller arms. The rollers are held by roller "hooks", 1 for each side of the roller, and all independantly sprung. The later models held the rollers in the pivoting "T" hook - two roller ends per hook.

The Model 2 is similar to the model 3 in terms of the roller arms but the body was a two part casting of the left and right sides bolted together.

The Model 3, as noted above, looks like a model 2, but the body is a single casting.

Press Spares

The Model 3 came with a number of spares, including a counter box to keep track of the number of prints you'd made, a roller runner which was useful for keeping ink coverage on the rollers, and an ink duct, which in theory added ink to the ink disk.
The Ink Duct appears to have been the white elephant in the room as many come up for sale on ebay but few are praised for their effectiveness. I'm sure someone's used one with good results but maybe not all that many people. Typically when they come up for sale they are in fairly poor condition.


Oil the moving parts (especially bearings) LIGHTLY every couple of hours of use. A couple of drops of 3-in-1 oil should be more than sufficient.
Keep the rollers clean and make sure the runners are locked onto the shaft. Some third party roller manufacturers didn't provide locking screws with the rollers but you can improvise by slipping a small piece of paper between the shaft and the inside of the runner to make it a tighter fit.

Roller Dimensions
There's an old saying that if you ask 2 beekeepers a question you'll get 3 different answers.
I have asked a lot of people and measured MANY 8x5 rollers and here are the top results:
Shaft Diameter Shaft Length Rubber Width Rubber Diameter Runner Diameter, Small Runner Diameter, Lg
5/16" 12 & 1/8" 9" 27.5mm 30.4mm 31.5mm
7.7mm 285mm 216mm 27.4mm 30.2mm 31.2mm
7.8 285mm 220mm 28.4mm - -

I also saw a briarpress post which said the roller diameter was 28mm and that the runner diameters were 31.0mm and 32.3mm but gave no other dimensions. I provide this information with no warranty and am not advocating getting rollers from anyone but Caslon. You could, but you're better off going to the source and getting some nice rubber ones.
In the case of the Runner diameters the runners I have seen all have dual diameters. The WIDTH of the diameter sections is not the same however. The smaller diameter is 10mm long while the larger diameter is only 8mm long. I don't know why this is but it seems to work. With the runner information above you could get any mediocre engineer to turn you some rollers out of nylon or delrin. Do NOT get them to turn them out of metal as there's the potential that they could wear out the roller bearers over time.